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The Board of Directors makes clear its commitment to increase the maximum satisfaction of our
customers, comply with their requirements including legal requirements, and periodically evaluate the
results derived from our activity through the development and implementation of an integrated
management system in Quality and Health & Safety at work, according to the criteria of the
international standards UNE-EN ISO 45001:2018 and UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015, as well as the continuous
improvement of its
Therefore, this Board of Directors has defined the following
Quality Policy, Safety Management and
Work Management
based on our scope “
Applied engineering specialized in the application of polymer
technologies and bearing-alignment devices for the upgrading of the damping system and the
installation components of heavy machinery and static equipment. Analysis and diagnosis of dynamic
foundations, its structural repair and reinforcements.”
As head of the company APOLTEC PRODUCTS & SERVICES SL, I am committed to guaranteeing the Health
& Safety of workers by providing adequate resources for the smooth running of the Integrated
Management System, disseminate it to all staff and demand compliance. For this, I do not hesitate to
count on the collaboration of each one of the people who make up the company, as well as their
consultation and participation.
The management of the company APOLTEC PRODUCTS & SERVICES SL, is committed to developing an
Occupational Risk Prevention Policy
that is based on the following principles:
  • Integrating the Prevention Policy into the production process of the company APOLTEC PRODUCTS & SERVICES SL, constitutes a permanent and priority objective that aims to improve working conditions aimed at obtaining the appropriate level of protection for workers, as well as avoiding material damage and reducing absenteeism, eliminate hazards and reduce risks. It seeks the commitment and well-being of its staff in the field of occupational health and safety.
  • The integration of Occupational Risk Prevention is the task and responsibility of each one of us who work in the company APOLTEC PRODUCTS & SERVICES SL, being the management and middle managers who will lead the effort, and the operators who will follow the procedures and guidelines established as well as providing all possible improvements to make their jobs safer every day. Acquiring the commitment to continuous improvement, as well as the consultation and participation of all employees.
  • Communicate and send to each one of the workers of the company APOLTEC PRODUCTS & SERVICES SL, the objectives of the company in preventive matters and the measures to be adopted to achieve them.
  • From the management we are convinced that it is a worthwhile effort and I thank you in advance for you participation and support to make this policy a reality of which, without a doubt we will be proud.