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Equipment: Coker
Industry: Refinery
Country: Spain

Problem: The original support buckets, concrete, and grout suffered from severe deterioration. Corrosion was also observed at the base of the ring and the anchor bolts.

Solution: To address these issues, the following steps were taken:

  1. Demolition and Preparation: The seating surface of the plates and grout was prepared by chipping with a light pneumatic hammer.
  2. Support and Leveling: The base plates were supported and leveled using epoxy Apoltec 130, specially designed for high temperatures.
  3. Bolt Analysis: Anchor bolts were analyzed to ensure their integrity and functionality.
  4. Formwork and Regrouting: Formwork was set up, and the area was regrouted using Apoltec 830 High Heat Resistant grout.
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