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Technical Analysis

Experts in Technical Analysis

Let us guide you through any foundation problem.

With cutting-edge technology, we diagnose, analyze, and provide tailored solutions to address your challenges effectively.


Motion Amplification Technology (MAT)

In addition to our expertise in foundation analysis, we offer Motion Amplification Technology (MAT) services.

This technology measures deflection, displacement, movement, and vibration not visible to the human eye, with it we can measure and quantify any structural/foundation movement. It is a predictive maintenance service since the detection of these vibrations, despite being negligible, lead to breakages and forced mechanical stops (with the consequent economic cost).

The objective of this analysis is to detect possible equipment foundation failures and tackle future problems.
With a proven track record of projects in sectors such as petrochemicals and energy, we ensure the integrity and reliability of your equipment.

Motion Amplification Technology

Apoltec works together with the Industrial Plant

We work together with multidisciplinary technical staff (Mechanical maintenance, Inspection, Reliability, Engineering & Civil Work) in order to analyze and to provide a proper diagnose

The structural flaws of the damping system and the machine installation condition are inferred through more or less evident symptoms. These symptoms not always are easily translatable in causes; for that reason, the essence of each technical report will consist of evaluating the dynamic response of its installation elements: grout, anchoring system and foundation blocks; through the following phases:

    1. Dynamic-time analysis: review of historical records and evaluation of trends on outages and shutdown causes, vibration levels and temperature distribution.
    2. Statically (Mechanical) analysis: readings of leveling, alignment and web deflections data.
    3. Foundation analysis under the design (geometry and mass distribution), construction mechanical values, concrete quality, and the system natural frequency.
    4. To locate discontinuities on grout and foundation material, identify the stress points and forecast the evolution of cold joints, cracks, and fracture planes, …
    5. Analysis of symptoms: corrosion (of grout, rebars, mounting plates, bed frames,…), material degradation by oil penetration, temperature, surfaces friction causing disbanding or separations.

Test & Material Fatigue

With swift inspections and sample extractions, we conduct comprehensive studies of soil and foundation conditions. 

Our experts detect and repair fatigue and hidden pathologies that directly impact machinery performance.

Technical information

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