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Hydrogen industry outlook: epoxy application in compressor and hypercompressor installation

Hydrogen industry outlook: epoxy application in compressor and hypercompressor installation

The prospects for the hydrogen sector are promising, with significant advances in hydrogen production, storage, distribution, and end applications.

One of the key areas of innovation in the hydrogen sector is the installation of compressors and hypercompressors, essential for efficiently handling the gas at different stages of its lifecycle. This is where Apoltec’s specialized civil engineering know-how in foundations comes into play, along with Apoltec’s range of epoxy products, versatile and high-performance materials that offer reliable installation, reinstallation, consolidation, repair, bonding, and sealing solutions in demanding industrial environments.

The application of Apoltec epoxy in the installation of compressors and hypercompressors offers several key advantages. Firstly, Apoltec epoxy provides a durable and resilient bond between the equipment and the civil works, ensuring dynamic and structural stability of the equipment even under high-performance and high-temperature conditions. Additionally, its ability to fill irregular spaces and adhere to a wide range of substrates facilitates the installation of complex components, reducing downtime and increasing operational efficiency, while ensuring the dynamic reliability of the foundation.

Another significant advantage of Apoltec epoxy is its resistance to corrosion and chemicals, making it ideal for environments where contact with hydrogen or other aggressive gases is inevitable. This resistance ensures the integrity of the joints and reduces the risk of leaks, contributing to the safety and reliability of hydrogen installations.

In addition to its role in the initial equipment installation, Apoltec epoxy is also used in the maintenance and repair of compressor and hypercompressor foundations. Its ability to adhere to contaminated or corroded surfaces allows for quick and effective repairs, minimizing downtime and extending the equipment’s lifespan.

In summary, the future of the hydrogen sector is intrinsically linked to innovation in materials and installation technologies, as well as the use of Apoltec epoxy in the installation and reinstallation of compressors and hypercompressors.”

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