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Sealing & Waterproofing

Apoltec has more than 20 years of experience in sealing and repair projects for pumps rooms and pits.

We developed our own special sealing products and we have been tested for more than 20 years in projects for top companies in the petrochemical, steel, and fertilizers sector.

The range of Apoltec 340 injection epoxy’s is specially formulated for contact with moisture and has exceptional properties of adhesion with wet or even submerged concrete.

It has been tested and widely applied in the repair of concrete foundations in humid conditions, in presses, mills, rails… As well as the repair of submerged structures.

The Apoltec 840 Grouting range is specially formulated for conditions of permanent humidity, has a high fluidity and minimum retraction.

Some of our projects


Water losses are generated mainly due to cracks in the pit walls or floor, these deformations are usually caused by material stress.

For a proper maintenance, APOLTEC systematically studies the current dysfunctions and regularly carries out analysis, test, and its evaluation in order to determine the pathology progression and severity damage.

Reinforced concrete structures. 

Main causes of pathologies: atmospheric gases, salty, acid and selenium waters, organic products and fire

Pathologies: disintegration, ettringit formation, carbonatation, rebar corrosion,…

Main symptoms: cracks, swelling, spilling, colour changes, efflorescence,…

Steel structures.

Chemical, physical, mechanical, even, biological influences trigger out pathological processes derived from material composition and/or the construction design applied.

As main damages we could find laminar tearing, excessive deformations, fatigue, wearing and mainly corrosion and oxidation processes.

Technical solutions.

To disguise the symptoms is not the proper way to confront the problem. It´s requested a thoroughly survey which lead us to discover the core to stop the damage progression, to protect materials, to reinforce where needed for releasing critical stresses and, finally, recoup forms with the best suitable materials.

Apoltec 340 Epoxy injection: specially formulated for moisture resistance and shows exceptionally good bond to wet or submerged concrete. It is widely used for the repair of underwater-soaked concrete foundations presser, rolling mills, and rails, as well as for the repair of underwater or immersed structural concrete.
The Apoltec 840 Grouting range is specially formulated for conditions of permanent humidity, has a high fluidity and minimum retraction.

We have carried out a multitude of waterproofing and crack sealing projects for companies in sectors such as pharmaceuticals or petrochemicals. In the projects section you can find examples of completed projects.

Apoltec is an applied civil engineering company, with more than 25 years of experience in the design and development of strategies aimed at solving heavy machinery foundation problems and consolidation, anchor bolt repair and Machine grouting.

Apoltec Products and Services SL within the framework of the ICEX Next Program, has received support from ICEX and co-financing from the European FEDER fund. The purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company and its environment.


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